Just my personal cheatsheet to act as a reference

Shell Commands

ssh-add ~/path_to_key

  • To add your key passcode.


  • To automate password entry part of ssh.

ssh-keygen -y

  • To test a passphrase for a RSA key.


  • To run command #474 in your ‘history’

find . -name ‘*.html’

  • To find all html files recursively

ls -rt vendor/**/*.js | xargs grep “vacations"

  • search for string “vacations” in files, and sort them based on last-modified date/time.

grep -rnw ./* -e "roomFormatter"

  • to recursively find text in files

grep -rnw ./* -e "Sabre" --exclude="./bundles/**"

grep -r -n -i --include="*.js" "click.ctzSync" ./**

  • To search for text “click.ctzSync” in javascript files in “./**”

ps aux | grep node kill -9 [processid]

  • To kill node process

<C-z> in terminal

  • Hide current process. fg
  • Bring back hidden process.


curl -A “UserAgentString”

  • Used to spoof user agent string.

curl -s -I -X GET

  • Provides the Response Headers for the call.


option + tab

  • Switch between window splits.

Git commands

git commit -—amend --no-edit

  • Allows you to add additional files to your last commit.

git checkout origin/master filename

  • After erroneously committing a file, allows one to reset a file to what is currently in the remote master branch

git reset —hard <commit hash>

  • Reset current branch to a past commit.

git cherry-pick <commit hash>

  • Brings a specific commit into your branch. For instance, lets say you push a bad commit to master and want to revert to the commit before your erroneous commit, but someone else pushed a commit since you pushed your bad one. After resetting the branch to the previous commit, you can bring in the “new” commit by cherry-picking it.

git push origin —delete <branch_name>

  • Deletes a remote branch.

git checkout cti/pa ./vendor/aluguetemporada/handlers.2017-03-ProjectAthens.plugin.js

  • When inside of another branch other than cti/pa, this command will pull in that file from that branch, into the branch you are currently in.

git log -p path/to/file.js

  • Provides git history for a single file.

git branch -vv

  • Shows branch info.

git show —name-only <commithash>

  • Shows the files that changed with the commit

git checkout 88h2372h file/to/restore

  • Restores a file to where it was in commit 88h2372h

git fetch origin pull/ID/head:BRANCHNAME

  • Where id is equal to the PR ID

git bisect

  • Find which commit introduced a bug

When you make changes you want to revert. git revert –no-commit 0766c053..HEAD git commit

  • Check modification date of git branches
    • git for-each-ref –sort=’-committerdate:iso8601’ –format=’ %(committerdate:iso8601)%09%(refname)’ refs/heads

To remove whitespace from diffs, add ?w=1 to the end of the url. For example: becomes

Mongo Shell Commands

mongodump -d dbName -o /dir/to/output/data

  • Backs up a mongodb database “dbName”



  • List tables


  • Drops a specific database.


  • Connect to specific database shown in \l list.


  • Show tables in database after one connects to it.


  • After connecting to a specific database, this will show a snapshot of what’s in it.


Ctrl + Cmd + →/←

  • Move current tab to different split.

Cmd + Shift + E

  • Show file tree in sidebar.

Cmd + Shift + \

  • Jump to matching bracket.

Ctrl + Shift + G

  • Show Git in sidebar.


Ctrl + Cmd + Q

  • Quick sleep


Shift + Optn/Win + Left/Right

  • Move the current window to another monitor

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